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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Out-Of-School, Out-Of-Clothes Youth

The naked truth – 88 private colleges and universities and 91 primary and secondary schools increased their tuition for the coming school year 2007 – 2008.

This is primarily the reason why some 35 nude out-of-school youth took to the streets. They were with the militant youth organization Alyansa ng Nagkakaisang Lakas ng Kabataan, which claims an estimated 14.6 million youth were not able to enroll last year because of the prohibitive costs of education these days.

Jehhan Silva, the spokesperson for the group says, “lahat na ng protesta gagawin namin para mapansin lang ang mga kabataan ng gobyerno at iba pang mga institusyon.” She also says most schools did not even consult their students before implementing tuition hikes which ranged from 5 to 8 percent.

“Show proof,” Commission on Higher Education Chairman Dr. Carlito Puno tells the protesters. He even adds “ang mahirap sa mga estudyante may mga alegasyon pero hindi naman nila mapatunayan.”

The CHED and the Department of Education both say the tuition hikes in primary, secondary and tertiary schools they approved were all justified. Puno adds some schools did not have a choice but raise their matriculation fees than be forced to close their businesses. Makes sense for students who have enough money to spare. But what about those who have started their education in private schools but have become a little hard on cash?
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Anonymous Jane said...

Hi Adrian. I always see you on TV but did not know you had a blog till today.

It's sad and alarming to see increasing statistics of children moving out of private schools into public schools (or worse, quitting altogether) for lack of funds.

It's easy for those with extra cash to spare to justify tuition increases. But for those who are fully stretched, every increase in tuition means having to opt out of something else (and often, that something else is a basic necessity as well). I worry for the next generation of youth.

10:43 AM

Blogger Adrian Ayalin said...

thanks for visiting jane. saw your blog and it's interesting to know you are into yoga. my housemate does yoga too, but only here in our apartment and with a little help from an instructional book. i wanna try it too, but too bad, can't even bend and touch my toes. hehe.

11:42 AM

Anonymous Jane said...

Adrian, you are precisely the candidate for yoga. This "flexibility angst" is so common that I made a post about it ("Do You Need to Be a Pretzel to Do Yoga?")

Your housemate and you may want to try out a basic class at my yoga center. It's just in Ortigas, Strata 100. Let me know and hey, I may just join you!

3:00 PM

Anonymous Jane said...

Hi again, Adrian. Thanks for linking me up. I've already linked you.

Hehehe. You're the first one to link me as "Yoga Jane" (now that is really funny because I had a post on my blog precisely about this doll in the States called Yoga Jane and just today, a yogi friend in L.A. posted that she'll try to get it for me.)

Does that mean I shall soon be seeing you and housemate at a class? Great way to de-stress from all this media hoohah, if I may say so.... :-)

1:58 PM

Anonymous ysa said...

hi adrian!

i agree with jane that yoga is not only for the flexible bodied.

i was fascinated with yoga way back in college but just couldn't imagine myself doing poses such as forawrd bends, backward bends and headstands.

it took me four years before i had the courage to step into a class... that was a surprise 'coz there was this middle-aged guy who was effortlessly doing poses while here i am, 25 years old and bones creaking... hehehe

but it's no joke when i tell you that after that class, i slept like a baby for the first time in years...

it's been a year already since that first class. my poses are not as pretty as the ones you see on books but it has definitely improved...

suggest you try it... you never can tell unless you try...

2:22 PM

Blogger Adrian Ayalin said...

Yeah jane and ysa, i think im almost convinced to try it out hehehe. I asked an officemate about yoga classes in our building pero tuesdays sya and i work during weekdays.

Might try your classes in ortigas, jane. Will message you in your blog kung sisipagin kami i-try hehe.

11:49 PM

Anonymous Jane said...

Adrian, just emailed you the yoga skeds.

The hardest thing is to get our butts out of our chairs (or in your case, out of the helicopter, hehe) and onto a yoga mat. But once you try it and sleep soundly afterwards, your body will ask for more.

Email me or blog post any time!

6:46 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

oy pasali naman sa yoga na yan. miss jane, email me at

sorry adrian if off-topic :D but allow me to compose my thoughts on the matter.

4:01 AM

Blogger Richard Lionheart said...

Hello Kuya!

Well, Wala na tayong magagawa diyan. Kailangan rin naman ng schools scpecially 'yung state Universities at Public na magtaas para naman maabot 'yung quality na gustong ma attain.

Pero for me, para sa mga private schools, like sa school ko, hindi na kailangan pang magtaas kasi sobrang taas na... almost 15% ang itinaas ng tuition namin ngayon. Thanks kuya...

Love your posts...

3:34 PM

Blogger PinoyHarbinger said...

For a moment I had to read the blog post again to see if it concerned naked protesters doing yoga :)

Anyways, 88 private colleges and universities plus 91 secondary and primary institutions jacked up their tuitions fees for what? I hope the price tag increase for education filters down to the teachers. Otherwise these schools are only increasing the students' tuition fees to fatten their wallets.

7:18 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi adrian! you're one of my favorite reporters of ABS-CBN.


11:00 PM

Blogger marzjill1006 said...

I need some RRL for OSY. thanks.

7:01 PM


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