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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Subic Send-Off

They don’t really care if there’s Nicole, or if there’s still a pending Subic rape case. These two women I chanced upon in Subic just wanted to send their boyfriends off as the USS Essex left for Japan.

The Essex is the same vessel that brought to the country last year the four US marines accused of raping Nicole. For two weeks, the ship stayed in Subic for one of those RP-US military exercises. After the wargames, there was no fancy send-off for the US marines. Just a few tourists and some other women who said they also had boyfriends on-board were there at the pier.

The two women told me they have a different perception of American soldiers. Though some would label them as commercial sex workers, or prostituted women, for them they are just simple girls who traveled to Subic all the way from Bulacan just to find an American friend. And boyfriends they found.

They say the Americans they met are “malambing, masuyuin at mabait.” For one night, they partied in Subic with their boyfriends who were allowed for some R and R by their superiors. They said they just went to bars but beyond that, they won’t tell me any further.

They may have a different point of view compared to Nicole’s or my friends’ at Gabriela and other women’s organizations. They don’t see the GI’s as rapists or having any semblance with Daniel, Keith, Dominic or Chad. They even criticized the rally staged by Nicole’s group in Subic protesting the presence of the Americans and the Essex.

For them, the Americans are their friends. Well, there’s really nothing wrong with that. They said they just wanted some clean fun in Subic. But then, they also admit they went there because they have no stable jobs.

If only they had better opportunities in life, probably they wouldn’t have been there in Subic. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous RabalRainSewn said...

The attitude of being highly dependent on a "superior" culture has been the practice of many Filipinos for the past hundreds of years. We were trained to serve and not to think. The issue of lack of opportunities has been a sagging argument, which has been used for ages. It is not the lack of opportunity; but the lack of creativity and wit, which might have probably resulted from the lack of hope.(I assume) many Filipinos would rather resort to the easiest way out of the rut they are in; why spend time thinking of some "brilliant idea" of making it big, when people could just easily lean on giants? however, being on the mercy of these giants would inevitably result to abuse. Quite sad. let's just hope the nov. 27 promulgation would prove that the Philippine Justice System would not be swayed by any ties Manila has with Washington. anyway, love the pic. love the coverage [your video of USS Essex (LHD-2)definitely saved my gut last week]. and i salute you for that well deserved award.

2:43 AM

Blogger Adrian Ayalin said...

yeah i've no problem with that, poverty should never be used as an excuse, but at the same time it's also hard to judge people. nwys, im also looking forward to the promulgation of the case, hope it will do justice both for nicole and the four marines.

9:02 PM

Blogger balbahutog said...

nice read.

2:30 PM

Anonymous vince said...

Adrian, interesting takes! When you have time try visiting us at

3:06 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

sometimes we can't just tell that a number of filipinos ran out of creative juices or do not exert an effort to think and be creative. sometimes, even the most creative guy who does not have a little luck (and innate wealth and power) ends up being in a low-rank job, or sometimes, careerless.

the lack of opportunities might really be a sagging argument, but it still occurs. not all pinoys are born like einstein.

9:23 PM

Anonymous rabalrainsewn said...

sorry for the mix up; but the initial comment was neither meant to judge people nor was it intended to question the capacity of Pinoys. the sad truth is they lack hope (due to the present occurence in the country) with that, all else follows...a sort of domino effect. anyway, good luck in misamis! cheers! (",)

10:08 PM

Blogger levence said...

kuya adrian.. can i ask poh what happen to the people of bicol??

5:21 PM

Anonymous said...


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2:07 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ehem I hate nicole i love lance corporal daniel smith

1:52 PM


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