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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Spicy Satti of Sulu

Satti, anyone?

It’s bits of barbecued beef on sticks, served with steamed rice rolled into balls, then topped with curry-like sauce. For twenty pesos, ok na ‘tong almusal. Carinderias and restaurants usually serve this for breakfast in Sulu and in Zamboanga City. Around twenty pesos lang.

If there’s one thing I’m looking forward to in our Sulu coverage this coming elections, it must be satti. The dish is actually an acquired taste. I have been to Sulu countless times already and I have never tried eating satti until my last coverage there this month. And when I tried it, I thought it has a weird taste. Then after several tries, I realized it’s no different from any curry dish. Only that it is hotter.

And of course, I’m also looking forward to going to Mobo beach in Patikul where you can bask under the sun with locals and occasionally, with a few soldiers on R and R (not on an operation against the Abu Sayyaf). It’s actually safe there, it’s near a military detachment and an oil depot which has tight security, and as long as we go there while the sun is still up. (Sana lang this beach would soon be open to other sun-worshippers. Kelan kaya yon?)

Well, I’m actually hoping for a boring coverage there in Sulu this week. Why? Because that would mean the elections there would be peaceful and honest. But then, that could be wishful thinking, I must admit.

Reality tells us that the province still has a long way to go, as poverty, dirty politics, clan wars, militarization and the Abu Sayyaf are still part of the game. And sadly, satti and Mobo beach would have to be sidelined for now.

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Anonymous ysa said...


been reading your posts and i must commend you for your interesting takes on various issues.

keep up the good work.

btw, it was great to hear you'll be staying with your present media company rather than work in singapore... you're great at what you do.

hope to read more blog entries from you...

9:22 PM

Anonymous ~warm tausug hugs~ said...

hi adrian! i've seen you not only once but several times already (at the news and public affairs of abs cbn)...and i always find you very gorgeous (ehem) and hard to get. but hey! am not yer stalker dude.

Satti has been one of my favorite tausug delicacies...and you made it even more delicious and tempting ;)

Kidding aside, yours truly is from Jolo, Sulu. A die hard tausug at that...studied at notre dame elementary school and notre dame of jolo for girls dept...LOVES SATTI like crazy :). I always invite my friends, officemates to go and visit jolo and try savouring that delicious SATTI of Top Spot.

I recommend you to try eating sabaw maymuh (however this is only being prepared during ramadhan); pastil of manang intan evalle of camp asturias; and bawlu (available at all coffee shops).

ALso, if you're a beach bum, try visiting QUEZON BEACH. Awesome dude! Anong panama ng boracay at dakak???!!! Libre pa ang cottage.

To top it all, never forget to ask bodyguards from governor sakur tan if u're going to quezon might meet radulan there. Hehehehe.

Till here buddy...kudos!


~~warm tausug hugs~~

9:29 AM

Anonymous jun.anteola said...

i've been to Zamboanga more than a couple of times and they've always mentioned that I try the satti (i thought it was the same as other SE Asian satays, pronounced with a local accent), but never got to sampling it. i never get to the satti-han on time!

thanks for dropping by my blog, Adrian! :-)

4:38 AM

Blogger Adrian Ayalin said...

thanks ysa, it would have been great to work for a singaporean media company, but as of now, i think im happy with abs.

especially when i travel to sulu warmtausughugs (whew, haba ng name) and get to try interesting food. i've tried pastel or pastil, but in taguig when i interviewed an imam there. i wonder what bawlu and sabaw maymu are. maybe i've already tried those dish but i forgot to ask the name. is sabaw maymu that soupy black dish with burnt coconut as a topping? it tastes good, though kelangang tanggalin mo sa isip mo na kumakain ka ng pagkaing parang me uling hehe.

salamat jun for dropping by, again, sayang hindi ako nakapag-dolphin watching sa ozamis. next time siguro.

11:52 AM

Anonymous warm tausug hugs said...

Hi adrian!

gREAT To see you again at TV Patrol.

Thanks for the reply...

FYI, bawlu is a small mamon-like bread cooked Tausug style in authentic Tausug cookware which btw, goes well with coffee of Lawa (seller of best tausug native coffee located at downtown Jolo).

The soupy (spicy) black dish with burnt coconut is called tiyulah itum and is served during special occasions or sold at restaurants in Jolo. While sabaw maymu is sliced long green ripe bananas cooked with beaten eggs and coconut cream.

If you wish for a free taste, just say so...'would be very willing to cook it for you and bring it over to the newsroom hehe ;)

Hey, what about quezon beach? 'been there already? If not, i suggest you visit the place next time you go back there.


~warm tausug hugs~

5:01 PM

Blogger SATTIsfaction said...

my friend, you no longer have to go to zamboanga or sulu to have a taste of satti, there is now a satti outlet at the SM Fairview food court known as the Satti Grill House.
People who go there say it tastes better than the Jimmy's satti in Zamboanga, pls check out if they are right in saying that.
This your friend armand nocum, ex-pdi reporter. i put up the satti place coz I too can't get enough of the unique, spicy taste of satti.

2:51 PM

Blogger Adrian Ayalin said...

Cge armand, try ko nga minsan yang satti. Tagal na, di pako nakakapunta jan.

4:48 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Folks! If you have been craving for satti, a cafe in quezon city has it on its menu. Check it out.

All Sate Cafe. Sterten Place 116 Maginhawa St., Teachers Village, Quezon City. 436-8398 or 3962660.

10:17 AM

Blogger Myra Gaculais del said...

Halloo! Am writing an article about regional savory dishes. It was easy finding info on dishes from Luzon and the Visayas but there isn't much about food specialties from Mindanao. Thanks for the info on satti!


3:11 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

wheres the recipe? im from zamboanga haven been there in a while n i 100% remember this food

6:01 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi.. im nicolas a pilipino residents but currently working hir in brunei.. can u pls give the recipe of satti? because for 3 years i did not eat my favorite breakfast which is satti pls... email me at pls tnx a lot

5:12 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi. I should say being away from Jolo and Zamboanga for so long makes me miss satti. So when I heard about a stall in fairview, n greenhills, I went to have a taste. Sori, but I should say itrs not the same as the one in Zamboanga. Then, a friend from UP recommended a cafe in maginhawa... there, medyo mas ok but the cafe closed already. Does anyone know the recipe( sauce)? Thanks
To u adrian, I suggest u visit quezon beach. we had a farm in patikul then but due to some circumstances had to move to Zamboanga. The place is great. Jolo has lots of beautiful beaches, sumptous delicacies and good people. I can say that since Ive stayed there for so many years when I was a child till adult. hehehe

7:51 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi adrian. Maybe if ur in zamboanga, try also to visit azenith royal hotel. The people there are nice. Ed Lingao was one of their guest then.

7:53 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can somebody give me the recipe of Satti? I've been looking for the recipe for years now and no one also would like to teach me how to cook it. Anyone?

4:24 PM

Blogger Jozzelle said...

hi adrian, salam.... im a native of Sulu but im living now in zamboanga. when i read your blog it reminds me of my memories in jolo, the mauboh beach, the satti, the wars of Clans, hehehe. its been along tym since ive never been to jolo. evrytime theres a news about sulu my eyes are glued at the tv monitor... hoping to hear good news sad to say some are quite unbearable. but then again tnx for the infos/coverage about sulu. more power and Miss Going Home though its just a ferry away...hehehe... just got busy with work... then again Thanks a lot...

8:55 PM

Blogger watch_warner said...

salam brad.. makadjari mangayu recipe sin satti.. yari kc ako a london mabaya ku pakinamun mga tao dii.. mgsukul.. email ku watch_warner@yahoo.con

2:26 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Adrian, i have read you r blog, it reminded me way back 90's. When me ang my friends were used to go the MAUHBUH beach, this is the correct spelling and should be pronounced as spelled. I also missed the satti.


MH arbison

4:04 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Before sulu, particularly in the town of Jolo, was a nice place, if you have 50 peso you can already provide 1 meal for the 5 persons because fishes and vigetabels are very cheap for five peso you can buy a kilo of it. I missed it.

MH Arbison

4:09 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ya right, Quezon Beach is nice, but its not safe there. never attemp to go there ,

MH arbison

4:13 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Satti! My most fav dish especially for the breakfast.

10:35 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not sure about the exact ingredients or the quantity of those but t my best knowledge, it is a combinations of garlic, onions, tomato or tomato sauce, peanut butter, bagoong or belachan, sugar, salt and pepper, cornstarch, ooil for sauteing, and water also... This is zambo style while jolo style is uhave to put at least 1 cup of coconut milk. Adding coconut milk will not make your food last longer but it taste better.

if you are a cook go figure, im sure you will figure it out. Lastly, don't forget to add food color(orange).

That's the best i can do, satti is not like other dish na pwede m gayahin. U have to create your own beacuse the person knows this won't tell you all the secrets.

I'm from Jolo, i grew up there and went to school in Notre Dame. Now, I'm living in Manila for 18 years already.

9:49 AM


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