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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Mangyan ng Mindoro

This elderly Mangyan from the Alangan tribe in Naujan, Oriental Mindoro may be too old to study. But hundreds of young indigenous peoples all over Mindoro island are aspiring to be educated. They want to preserve their culture passed from generations to generations but at the same time they desire to go beyond the basics of reading and writing.

But there’s little room for them in the past. And they still suffer from discrimination, sometimes from the very people who illegally claimed their ancestral lands.

Theirs is an almost forgotten group of indigenous peoples. 8 tribes in the island. 100 000 people. All of them aspiring to be educated just like any other Filipino in the country.

Sa lunes, sa The Correspondents, kamustahin natin ang mga Mangyan ng Mindoro at ang Tugdaan – ang paaralan ng mga Mangyan, para sa mga Mangyan. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous kace said...

i cant access my blog for weeks now. so if you havent seen buyallao island go to thanks! :D

6:34 PM

Blogger regine said...

grabeh!desidido talaga silang matuto,katulad ng ibang pinoy, pero nakakalungkut din dahil unti-unti na silang nakakalimutan, pero kuya kamusta naman ang sta mo dun?masaya ba?

2:53 PM

Blogger Adrian Ayalin said...

ok il try to go to that site kace. tahimik sa community ng mga mangyan sa mindoro pero masaya, regine. it's a good thing may school na silang kanila ngayon.

6:21 PM

Blogger gwapo_na_baktin said...

saw your take on the mangyan plight last night.

way to go adrian.

2:58 PM

Blogger levence said...

sorry di ko kasi na-analize ng mabuti eh,mabuti naman at meron na silang permanenteng school, adrian kumusta naman ang pag-akyat ng bunduk nakakapagud ba? well happy naman din ako dahil atleast hindi na talaga sila maiiwanan ng panahon "MABUHAY TUGDAAN"ang ganda ng report mo parang mini movie,hehehe!

11:51 AM

Blogger jean ni adam said...

your correspondents report was soooo goood.
it was worth the puyat. :)

7:31 PM

Blogger Adrian Ayalin said...

thanks sa lahat! sa uulitin po hehehe.

10:11 PM

Blogger lisa said...

maraming salamat sa pag-feature sa buhay ng mga kapatid nating mangyan. marami akong masasaya (at mapapait, heheh) na alaala mula sa mindoro oriental, reports such as these really help in keeping the flame burning, so to speak.

10:40 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi kace......

umm wala nmn po ung web n cnsbe mu??

8:04 PM

Anonymous bernie said...

thanks for giving some articles about mangyans in Mindoro, i am a Mindoreño and i'm near to the place in Tugdaan. it was made possible by the missionaries. it is good to realize that even the missionaries came to the place the culture of the mangyans are already present there. napakayaman ng kultura ng mangyan. i am a man who has a heart to them. napakaraming matututunan s kanila. there are many hearsay about the tribe but most of them are not true e.g. may buntot and the like even the Mindoreños are being asked of that issue but it is not true. we in mindoro have many programs as regards our natives. now we have one lawyer, 1 nun, 1 priest, and seminarian. many are in the colleges. we have also other school in the southern part of mindoro in Mansalay wherein Fr. Antoon Poosma, a missionary and anthropologist settled there to study their culture and in fact he already had a family there. it is good to visit the tribes in mindoro. welcome to our place.

9:03 AM


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