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Friday, August 03, 2007

B for Burning Fossil Fuels

My Lakbayan grade is B!

How much of the Philippines have you visited? Find out atLakbayan!

Created by Eugene Villar.

While looking at the map above generated by my travels within the country, I could only imagine the amount of fossil fuels I’ve burned. Baka magalit tuloy ang mga kaibigan natin sa Greenpeace! Hehe.

But having said that, for me there are still more destinations to explore, more people to meet, and more photos to take. And hopefully I’d be able to see these places not as a reporter in the middle of a disaster, but simply as a tourist who just wants to enjoy and relax.

I just came from Baguio with friends Jove and RG. Didn’t have enough time to go around the city or we were just too lazy to go out. So we just ate a lot hehe. But too bad for Jove, nakasama ata sa kanya yung crispy pata at kare-kare. Though we ate heathy food din naman like this stuffed tofu of Café by the Ruins.

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And since bitin yung Baguio trip, I’m thinking sana mapuntahan ko na tong mga lugar na to na matagal ko nang iniisip puntahan:

Siquijor – Most people think Siquijor is just the land of aswangs and a province which you should never visit especially during holy week. But with the picturesque beaches of Siquijor that I’ve seen so far, I think the province deserves a second chance. I’ve already told my boss I’d want to feature this province next holy week.

Batanes – I almost got there last year for The Correspondents but due to unavoidable circumstances, the story went to another reporter. Masarap sigurong langhapin ang hangin dun at saka tahimik, walang ingay ng newsroom.

Turtle Islands - It must be a lonely place for soldiers patrolling the area but definitely a paradise for beach-lovers (at least for a week only). Me mga turtles pa kaya dun?

Cebu – I’ve already had two missed opportunities to go to Cebu, but I know I’m going there soon. Maybe I should try Lechon Cebu there (kahit natikman ko na at mejo maalat siya hehe).

Of course, I’d want to go to other countries as well. The two occasions when I had the chance of going abroad were presidential trips at kahit me mga sidetrips din naman, iba pa rin yung bakasyong bakasyon lang talaga, lalo na sa mga lugar na to:

Bangkok - With pals Jove and RG, though I still have to have my passport renewed. Teka, tuloy ba kami? Parang Maynila lang naman ang Bangkok e. Hehe.

Hongkong – I’m still thinking if I should go with my parents as a chaperone or kaya naman siguro nilang silang dalawa lang.

North Korea – Yes, Pyongyang and Nokor’s countryside. I just want to personally see the reasons why it is called the hermit kingdom.

Nepal - Just the thought of staying in Kathmandu excites me, daming pictures na pwedeng kunan dun like yung mga kalbong monks. Speaking of which, eto na itsura ko ngayon after having my head shaved because of what happened in Basilan.

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Joke! Of course, I’m not bald. The pic was taken when I was still with IBC 13. Baka mawalan ng trabaho sa dos pag nagpa-kalbo e hehe. In the meantime, san kaya ako next na maa-assign after hibernating for one week inside our house?


Blogger Richard Lionheart said...

Hehe :) Hindi ka naman pala kalbo e...

Well, talagang lagalag ka kuya... Talo mo pa ako.. the adventurer pa naman ang title ko sa Blogosphere.

Hehe :) Well.. congratulate mo naman ako kuya kasi isa ako sa mga influential Bloggers sa Philippines... Lolz..


Buti ka pa nakasama sa SK Elections...

10:16 PM

Blogger Adrian Ayalin said...

Congrats richard! Ingats pag nagbibyahe!

10:29 PM

Anonymous Jane said...

Wow, a B! You're the first blogger I've seen who got to this level. And I would not have expected any less. With all those places you are being sent to (which I would not go to even if it meant bringing my C+ level a notch higher, hehe).

Buti nalang you have not shaved your head. Ganyan ka lang, ok na.

2:13 PM

Blogger Adrian Ayalin said...

Hehe thanks jane. Hope you're doing fine! Btw, i heard me yoga class sa abs, maybe i should try it. Well it's me again procrastinating, tagal na tong yoga na to pero di pa rin matuloy-tuloy hehe.

4:01 PM

Anonymous Jane said...

Adrian, I may be wrong but I seem to have heard from someone that Bernadette Sembrano has taken up yoga. Baka naman matutuloy ka na rin ng yoga pag kasama siya.

If not, e di sama ka sa possible blogger class that we may organize sometime this year. :-)

2:38 PM

Anonymous jessa said...

i used to have the same impression of Siquijor then until i had the chance to go there for an educational trip way back in college. the place, especially their beaches, are really awesome! we had the chance to snorkel amidst the lush seagrasses and algae (my classmates saw several marine snakes!). there are also several islets in Siquijor that come out only during low tides..and it was only there when i saw a lot of fireflies during the night..there were no sightings of "aswang", though (hehe)

4:33 PM

Blogger Adrian Ayalin said...

jane, i think i heard that too, i'll her if i see her in the office these days. pls let me know kung me bloggers' class, that would be fun!

jessa, i remember when my team and i were snorkelling in jolo, well, it wasnt really snorkelling since we just used those wooden "muro-ami" goggles hehe. but it was fun, i saw lots of nemo's relatives hehe. maybe my crew and i will try "snorkelling" there in siquijor if plans push through this holy week. and good for you jessa for having that educational trip in college, kasi when i was in college, i remember i always asked my lakwatsero/a classmates if we can go to siquijor pero natatawa lang sila. i guess wala naman talagang aswang hehe.

5:49 PM

Anonymous jessa said...

fortunately, we have a classmate who's from siquijor also so we didn't have second thoughts of having our field trip for marine ecology there :-)

"wala naman talagang aswang.." my lola would disagree with you if she heard that..hehehe..

7:36 AM

Blogger nina said...

isama mo ang ilocos! norte ha. i am not biased. ok ok maybe just a little bit coz i grew up there. :)

9:50 PM

Blogger Adrian Ayalin said...

nakapunta nako sa fort ilocandia, paoay church, at bahay ni makoy. ang layoooooo! hehe. pero maganda sa ilocos norte lalu na kung may bagnet na kakainin hehe.

mag-blog ka naman nang mag-blog! hehe.

11:26 PM

Blogger Voice of an Angel said...

Adrian, you havn't seen the birth place of lolo Andy (macoy), In sarrat Ilocos Norte. The Church in Sarrat (Sta. Monica) is beautiful. Yun lang ang Church hindi pa narerenovate. The ceiling is made of logs at 1700's pa tinayo ito. That's where my auntie Irene Marcos got married too. old bricks are still there. The old kumbento is still there. The house kung saan pinanganak si lolo andy is still there. I think the museum in Sarrat is open.
A lot of Great People (Politicians, Musicians, artists, lawyers etc) came from sarrat. Kailangan malaman ng mga tao na may mga tao na magagaling nanggaling sa Sarrat.

5:25 PM

Blogger Adrian Ayalin said...

Maganda nga siguro dumaan ako sa sarrat pag napapunta ako sa north. Hope you're ok alexis.

4:46 PM

Anonymous daniel said...

Hello adrian, congrats to you. Ang dami mo nang napuntahang lugar ah. Daig mo pa ako.

Tungkol sa lechon cebu, masarap ang lechon nila napaka crispy pa ng balat.


2:13 PM


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