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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Spicy Satti of Sulu

Satti, anyone?

It’s bits of barbecued beef on sticks, served with steamed rice rolled into balls, then topped with curry-like sauce. For twenty pesos, ok na ‘tong almusal. Carinderias and restaurants usually serve this for breakfast in Sulu and in Zamboanga City. Around twenty pesos lang.

If there’s one thing I’m looking forward to in our Sulu coverage this coming elections, it must be satti. The dish is actually an acquired taste. I have been to Sulu countless times already and I have never tried eating satti until my last coverage there this month. And when I tried it, I thought it has a weird taste. Then after several tries, I realized it’s no different from any curry dish. Only that it is hotter.

And of course, I’m also looking forward to going to Mobo beach in Patikul where you can bask under the sun with locals and occasionally, with a few soldiers on R and R (not on an operation against the Abu Sayyaf). It’s actually safe there, it’s near a military detachment and an oil depot which has tight security, and as long as we go there while the sun is still up. (Sana lang this beach would soon be open to other sun-worshippers. Kelan kaya yon?)

Well, I’m actually hoping for a boring coverage there in Sulu this week. Why? Because that would mean the elections there would be peaceful and honest. But then, that could be wishful thinking, I must admit.

Reality tells us that the province still has a long way to go, as poverty, dirty politics, clan wars, militarization and the Abu Sayyaf are still part of the game. And sadly, satti and Mobo beach would have to be sidelined for now.

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