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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Prayers, not Pessimism

She may have made the wrong choice in going to Sulu, but Ces Drilon, and her cameraman Jimmy Encarnacion, assistant cameraman Angelo Valderama and Professor Octavio Dinampo need our prayers.

Ces was born to be a journalist and we cannot fault her for pursuing exclusives which may put her and her team’s life at risk. I have worked with her for a few times in Mindanao and I have seen how dedicated she is to her work. Maybe the only mistake she did was to pursue stories that would matter.

Different folks, different strokes. For some journalists like me, I would not have done what Ces did. But that thinking does not make Ces’ decisions wrong. We are all guided by the same basic goals as journalists and one of them is to work on stories that are worth-telling. Maybe Ces and Prof. Dinampo thought that the story they are working on would create a positive impact on the long-delayed peace process in Mindanao.

I am not justifying what Ces did. I myself doubt that I would have pursued whatever she is pursuing in Sulu given the risks at stake. But then again, for now let us just pray that the abductors would soon release Ces, Jimmy, Angel and Professor Dinampo unharmed.

(Photo by Neil Arambala taken in Iligan City during the Fr. Bossi coverage.)


Blogger Deaconess Rhiza said...

Matthew 10:39 says:
"Whoever finds life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.

I think Ces made the right choice or decision.

I do pray that God will take good care of her.

3:51 PM

Anonymous lex said...

i commend ces and her crew for this. i'm glad that the abductors already freed them...

BTW, i learned about your blog through!

9:27 AM


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